Terra de Baltz, Assessor

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The data presented on this website does not constitute the Property Record Card mandated by the Illinois Property Tax Code. A true copy of the Property Record Card can be obtained only at the Grafton Township Assessor's Office.

Website property data is intended only for basic research because, while deemed reliable, they may not be accurate and/or current due to assessor database and website database updating anomalies. Data presented on this website may be used as a foundation for appeal comparable property selection or other uses only after they have been verified as correct by the Grafton Township Assessor's Office.

To perform a property search, select your criterion  from the drop-down list (PIN number, address, etc.) and click Search. After the data has been presented, many columns can be sorted by clicking on the column header. The individual PIN numbers provide links to the respective property data for those properties.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessors Office at 847-669-3383.