Kathleen Watson, Clerk


Kathleen Watson, Township Clerk

Mailing Address
Grafton Township Clerk

10109 Vine St. Unit D

Huntley, IL 60142
Available upon request.

Township Clerk

The Township Clerk is vested with many duties and responsibilities throughout the year.

  • The Township Clerk is the keeper of all township records except for active General Assistance cases. The Clerk is required to keep accurate records of all Township Board meetings and maintain records of the Board's Executive (closed) Sessions.
  • During Township Board meetings the Clerk records roll call votes. (Certain questions require roll call votes, such as appointments to fill vacancies, establishing salaries, etc. Other votes can be taken by voice. Secret ballots are never permitted on any issue facing the Township Board.)
  • The Clerk also serves as the local election authority and is responsible for accepting petitions concerning township elections and/or referendums. In this capacity, the Clerk is responsible for publishing or posting certain specific notices, including notices for the Road Commissioner.
  • As Ex-officio Clerk of the Road District, the Township Clerk must witness bid openings for both the township and the Road District. The Clerk must countersign all Road District orders for payment prior to audit or approval by the township Board. The Clerk also delivers all approved claims for payment to the Supervisor.
  • The position of Clerk is especially important as it pertains to the maintenance of records. The integrity and accuracy of the Clerk is important in any court action involving the township's official records. While the Clerk is not necessarily the township Board's secretary, much as a competent secretary is a vital cog in the machinery of a well-oiled office, the township Clerk is critical to the operation of township government.
  • The Clerk is Grafton Township's officially appointed F.O.I.A. Officer.